Olympia Tower Munich: Thermometer + Barometer + Lightmeter = Olymeter

For the 30th anniversary of the Olympiapark in Munich the Olympia Tower was intended to be turned into a highly visible and PR-relevant light art object. mbeam created an “Olymeter”, the worlds biggest HydroMeter (green), ThermoMeter (yellow), BaroMeter (blue) and LightMeter, as a “weather forecast” for Munich. The interaction between light-color and -intensity and metrological data creates a dynamic and constantly changing work of art with information content. Because of its uniqueness mbeam won the renowned IF Design Award.

Visitors and guests are informed via the Internet, media, posters and billboards and a flyer about the function of the art work. What color announces what weather condition? This turns Munich residents into weather experts. And we are proud that the Olympia Tower is now the worlds biggest thermo- and barometer!

Knowing what the weather brings is a desire of mankind ever since.

IF Design Award:
Olympia Tower Munich…ThermoMeter, BaroMeter und LightMeter

ProjectOlympiapark GmbH - Idea, concept and model simulation