How to create an impressive christmas light art installation for the Christmas season that simultaneously guides passengers subconsciously towards a certain direction? That was the challenge of the city of Munich for mbeam. An eye-catching light installation should be installed at the scaffolded façade of the famous Ruffini House in Munich which attracts passengers already from the distance and guides them into the new pedestrian zone of Sendlinger Strasse.

For this challenge, light designer Manfred Beck was mainly inspired by famous fairy tale “Sterntaler” of the Grimm brothers. The heart breaking story is much about altruistic giving and consequently was a perfect fit for the spirit of Christmas time.

Beck designed individual light objects for the façade, which were then elaborately produced and installed. The over dimensioned sparkling stars and objects, consist of altogether 6.000 light elements in warm white and around 450m of light lines. Big sparkling stars fall down on the façade and finally are transformed into huge arrows, guiding the passengers into the pedestrian zone of new Sendlinger Strasse. The guiding effect is reinforced by subtle and gentle shifts in light intensity. Despite its dimension, the light installation only consumes 600 watts in energy.

The official opening ceremony of the light installation “Sternen_Weg” (Path of Stars) took place on December 27th and was celebrated by the city of Munich along with numerous members of the press.

ProjectCity of Munich, Department for Work and Economy - Concept for christmas light Installation & light objects, planning and realization.