Room activation for an employee event

Tangible “Spaces of Colour” in the Munich Allianz Arena

mbeam was asked to set up a light installation for the employee event of Pioneer Invest at the Allianz Arena. Requirement was to carry the entire concept as well as its content, while making it noticeable and perceptible. The company wanted its employees to get excited about new challenges and channel all energy into a common direction.

A special adventure course was set up, though which the visitors were guided after having dinner together and on their way to the club area for partying. The adventure course symbolized the tension during a period of transition between the old and the new. Fog and light turned this course into tangible color spaces. Once passed, people were welcomed at the club area, filled with party energy. The industrial and rough touch of the room was set up in a luminous way: The columns were highlighted as characteristic elements, projector and plasma screens were set up to show moving aphorisms. What a memorable evening.

The light installation project was realized in cooperation with the event agency Comeo.

ProjectPioneer Invest and Comeo event agency - Idea, concept and implementation