KARLSTOR MUNICH: Light Installation and Videomapping

Light installation “inside-out – four Characters of Munich come alive.”

The Karlstor at Stachus welcomes and says goodbye to all visitors oft the pedestrian area. This is the western gate of the historic center and therefore a historic entrance to downtown Munich.

Yet very few people know, that there are four so called “collar heads” worked into the main archway. They represent outstanding Munich characters, who are still present today with their sayings and jokes.

We tell the stories of these four personalities with light (munichlights.de) and bring the exciting history of Munich to life. Moving images arise on the historic façade of the Karlstor – stories, associations, scene … the audience enjoys new moments again and again.

Franz Xaver Krenkl, coachman and horse dealer: “Majesty, if you’ve got it, flaunt it!”
“Refinements Sepperl”, Postillion of Love: “The facts are yet to be established.”
Baron Sulzbeck, musician: “Huraxdax – grab her leg.”
Jester Prangerl, jester and prankster: “He once walked through town with his lantern during the day asking people to help him find his mind.”

This beautyful light installation was realized in cooperation with LiveCo, Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH and Matthias Singer, 507 Nanometer. Thanks to: Wolfgang Fischer, Citypartner München and the City of Munich.

ProjectCity of Munich - Temporary light installation and video mapping (idea, concept and technical implementation)