Light Art for Munich Residenz: In the Royal Chamber

This is a special light art installation for the Munich Residenz in Germany on the occasion of the anniversary of its founding. Concept: Façade and the buildings in general usually hide the underlying. We can only imagine what is taking place in all these rooms. We pass all these treasures frequently without noticing. How impressive would it be if the inside appears on the outside, if rooms open up virtually on the facade…

This is exactly what happened in the evening of the anniversary at the Munich Residenz. Standing in front of the building one could see unexpectedly into the private suites of the king and become a “secret” guest. Entire rooms as well as fine details of the interior became visible on the outside of the Residenz by using a high-power projector.

ProjectBavarian Administration of State Palaces, Gardens and Lakes - Idea, artistic concept, light art creation and technical implementation