Medial Light Object for the Olympic Winter Games 2018

Olympia 2018 – The „ODYALE“ – Tradition in modern Times

What is Olympia?
· Meeting people from all over the world
· Local occurrence with global impact
· Competition which centers around the challanging of human limitations
· Motion, speed, strength, concentration, competition
· Admiration, adoration, inspiration, awareness

Die “Odyale”:
Tradition in modern times, creativity, technical peak performance, games, competition, Olympic games as multimedia event, inside and outside, perspective, power and personality

The “Odyale” is an object, a fusion of tradition and modern times. Jast as the old tradition of the Olympic Games represent a fusion with modern techniques (timekeeping, sports equipment, communication)

The media column works during the day as well as during the evening and at night. The coating is printed with images. This way the column can have an effect during the day in a traditional way. In the evening and at night action comes into play. Light dots, set up in a grid, produce animated ski jumpers, figure skaters etc. Light animations play with the colors of the Olympic rings. One light source shines inside and creates more perspective. The illumination from above closes the column again, the printed pictures become visible.

Project Medial light object for the Olympic Winter Games 2018