(Light)Art for Fünf Höfe, Munich

Seashell of Light
… a walk-in light sculpture
… an interactive light sculpture
… a healthy light sculpture
… an organic sculpture

… quiet during turmoil
… light in the dark
… relaxation in the middle of everyday life
… art with aura

Seashell of Light: Curious people as well as potential customers were able to see an over dimensional white seashell in the Maffeihof. A slightly illuminated entrance invites people to enter. Spiral movement guides you inside. In the pleasant bright center is a bench, a small and simple fountain splashes gently and makes the center become alive. One is invited to sit down full of expectation. Light flows from the milky back walls into the shell-room. An LCD screen shows the color spectrum. “Please choose your colour”. Dive into the feeling of serenity. After five minutes the colour fades out and the white light of the color spectrum appears again. The visitor leave the seashell delighted and refreshed and experiences it as an energy charging station.

LightCubes: Big light cubes are scattered in each courtyard. They shimmer brightly and invite people to take a closer look. They even invite people to sit down to rest for a few minutes. Fascinating – somehow calming. The warm glow in various, unobtrusive color shades creates a sense of harmony and ease. At a closer look you see the scattered stones form into a fixed picture.

The cubes are molded applying a new technique. Through this specialized production method you can create an interesting, almost organic structure with a natural feel to it on the inside as well as on the outside. Small bubbles and deformations on the glass ensure that the cubes are highly sensitive to light and therefore take on various reflections and colours.

ProjectLight art for the Fünf Höfe Munich 10 year anniversary (concept) - Idea, concept and simulation