RUFFINI-HOUSE: Painting with Light – Telling Munichs’ Stories

On December 1st, Director of tourism Dr. Gabriele Weishaeupl launched an exceptional light installation at the Ruffini-House in Munich.

Residents as well as visitors were invited to enjoy the magic of an impressive piece of Munich history displayed on the house built by Gabriel von Seidl for the duration of the Christmas Market.

The impressive Ruffini-House at the old cattle-market was center of this “LichtStory” – an oversized Christmas gift by the city to the citizens at the Christmas Market. Equipped with the latest illumination technology and impressive attention to detail, mbeam dipped the building in picturesque colors. For example, plants appeared in living green, characters obtained a beautiful skin color and colourful clothes.

During evening and night, high-performance projectors were throwing unique and artful illustrations with high accuracy onto the façade of the Ruffini-House. The façade turned into a sophisticated scenery of light painting art.

ProjectState Capital of Munich - Idea, concept, direction, production and implementation