To make inventions and innovations visible and perceptible to the spectators and the staff. To visualize their effect on the society and our life with an impressive lighting installation. That was the challenging task, which the European Patent Office entrusted us with. The lighting art installation should inspire the staff, international guests as well as the inhabitants of Munich.

Light-Concept „Wave“:
The imposing building of the EPO in Munich, directly at the river Isar is transformed to a Light-Methaphor. The light wave symbolizes the infinity of the human conceptual world and ideas – finally the vast number of patents of the entire European Union.

The entire facade of the EPO is filled via projection with water, which symbolizes the multitude of ideas and patents which are processed at the EPO. The water then flows in form of a gigantic light wave from the middle part of the building along the façade over the street and disembogues into the river Isar. Where the waterfall, the wave of ideas, meets the river, gently animated words are projected onto the surface. Word after word emanating from the idea of infinity of human thoughts and ideas complete the picture and flow along the current of the Isar and into the endless cycle of the water.

Light-Concept „Flow“:
A wall of water, 30 meters high is created via high tech nozzles and pumps in the river Isar, at level with the headquarters of the EPO. This wall serves as a semi-transparent and dynamic projection screen. The content of the projection is visible from both sides. At the same time, concentric circles are emerging and growing on the façade of the EPO building, as if spattered from the wall of water. The circles are animated in a wave movement and slowly expand towards the borders of the building. The wall of water is constantly immersed into different colours and pictures which are simultaneously reflected on the ensemble of buildings of the EPO.

ProjectEuropean Patent Office - -Light-Art-Installation for their anniversary. Idea, concept and preliminary planning