A marvellous Pop up light installation for a temporary empty building.

Empty buildings always carry a certain sadness. They convey the feeling of loneliness and lifelessness, which are often passed on to the entire street or the district. It´s those feelings that our client wanted to break and transform into attractive feelings of curiosity and homeliness.

mbeam created a flower of light which slowly grows and softly changes its colours and thereby submerge the room and the entire building into an ever changing new light. Curiosity and anticipation are aroused. The passer by stands amazed in front of the shop window and tries to guess what comes next, which colour, which form and above all: which kind of shop will move into this building next?

Blooming Lights transforms the empty shop into a homely and warm shape of light and creates a point of attraction in the district. It arouses curiosity and pleasure in walking by and the passers by take in the positive feelings created by this marvellous installation of light art.

ProjectIdea, concept and model simulations. Create a homely ambience and curiosity with the passers by