The female name Apolonia is of Greek origin and derived from the name of the God of Light, Apollon. The most famous historical figure with that name was a virgin and martyr who lived in the third century in Alexandria in Egypt. Her day of remembrance in the catholic and the orthodox churches is 9th of February. *

The light installation with the title »Apollonia seeks the Light« interprets this historical figure in a humorous and loving way:

Apollonia, the splendid woman with bare breasts, sways in a swing in-between illuminated watering cans and tries to catch their light. She collects the warmth of the light, a source of energy, and lovingly passes it on to those passers by who halt and pause in front of the light installation in order to observe her.

She is the mbeam Godess of Light, who gives love, joy and comfort.

The splendid sculpture »Apollonia« was created by the renowned sculptor Art Pfenninger – many thanks to you, Andreas.


Projectmbeam - idea, concept and realisation