Chinese Tower – Peaceful Light Pagoda an Christmas Illumination

The 25 meter high timber construction, in style of a pagoda, was established in 1789/1790 by Johann Baptist Lechner, according to a design by Joseph Frey.

The idea of the Chinese Tower was based on the twice as high “Big Pagoda” in the royal gardens “Kew Gardens” in London. This Big Pagoda again is a based on the Majolika Pagoda in the gardens of the Chinese emperor (Fragrant Hills-Park in Beijing).

For a number of years, the Chinese Tower hosts a beautiful and romantic Christmas market during holiday season – a small insider tip, far enough away from the hectic downtown area during Christmas time. mbeam would like to reinforce this sensual and romantic character of this location.

Big light balls in various colors, however only gently illuminated, enforce the peaceful atmosphere on this contemplative place and the spiritual character of this building. Even from a distance pedestrians are guided through the darkness to the luminous Chinese Tower on their wintery walk – for a hot spicy red wine (Gluehwein) and a tasty bratwurst.

ProjectChinese Tower, Munich - Idea and concept