Light installation „Sternenflug“

A sparkling, colourful winterly light installation in the dark period of the year.

The „Alte Akademie“, a beautiful old building in Munich´s pedestrian zone in the centre, is currently being renovated. High fences cover the area and the beautiful facade is hardly recognized by passers by.

Yet, a large part of the façade is still visible and forms an ideal screen for the Christmas light art installation “Sternenflug” which brightens not only the façade, but also the mood of the people meandering in Munich´s centre in this quiet and dark period of the year.

The light installation is divided in six parts bundled into 3 acts, which are shown throughout various evenings. Colourful light spaces partly intertwined and complementing each other form the background ambience of the light choreography.

In one of the scenarios, various groups of stars hover from the outside of the facade towards the centre and are more and more condensed until they finally explode and are redistributed on the entire facade where they softly sparkle in their splendour. In another act, a winter dream is fulfilled. It snows on the entire facade. A wonderful wintry landscape brightens the centre of Munich. Snow-covered fir trees and quietly trickling snowflakes create a beautiful wintry ambience.

Complemented by motives of the season, the light installation „Sternenflug“ enchants and accompanies Munich´s citizens and visitors throughout the holiday season.

KundeAlte Akademie Immobilien GmbH & Co. KGCustomerMunich, Alte Akademie Immobilien GmbH & Co. KGProject„Sternenflug“ – temporary light installation Idea, concept and direction: Manfred Beck, Veronika Dandl, Nicole Freitmeier // mbeam