„Light_Clouds” Variable Light-Installation for a Citizens-Hall

To break the rigour of the hall, to change its appearance, and to create possibilities for illumination for a great variety of events. This was the challenge assumed by mbeam which was brilliantly solved by the permanent light installation “Light Clouds”.

Over 70 clusters of white clouds equipped with LED light elements were installed under the 14 meter high ceiling of the huge hall. Like an ocean of light clouds. Every element can be addressed and programmed individually. Consequently, a special choreography of light and ambience can be created for every imaginable situation.

The elements shine in different colours and intensities and constantly change. They play with the room, they shift and constantly reinvent the form and dimension of the hall.

The plain stringency of the hall is broken, the ceiling transforms into a cloudy sky that radiates with ever changing colours. But also at daylight, the white ocean of clouds is a beautiful and impressive sight.

The light objects and LED elements were specially planned and constructed for this installation and mounted individually. A variety of light choreographies have been pre-programmed in advance and are available on a fingers tip by pressing a button.

ProjectLight_Clouds” – permanent light installation, concept and realization | Contractor: Municipality of Ismaning near Munich, Germany.