Temporary Light Art at a Munich Construction Gap

Delighting gaps 😉 Construction gap turns into a show gap … a light tree brings Fall

Proactive, urban initiative – without a commercial purpose and with an ironic twinkle in the eye – to embellish construction gaps according to the motto: “Delighting Gaps”. Light art makes unexploited urban areas and untapped construction gaps glow and amazes people, who pass by.

Residents, pedestrian, visitors of the Munich Oktoberfest enjoy the urban gem in the Bavariastrasse 25, on the corner of the Lindwurmstrasse in Munich. Here a construction gap was turned into a show gap. In cooperation with Lichtconcept mbeam installed a light object in a ironic yet affectionate way.

Just in time for the Munich Oktoberfest a shining light light tree decorates the otherwise ugly construction area. Scattered fruits lay in the grass, the summer comes to an end, the days get shorter, the (light) tree safes all his energy for the upcoming winter. For some reason this curious light object aligns with the loud and wild spectacles of the biggest public celebration in the world. The period of the promotion was from September until October.

The initiative stands for the chances of temporary solutions with regards to urban development activities on loss-making construction areas. Light installations solve the problem of unattractive construction gaps quickly and with reasonable effort and close townscapes. Instead of looking away you take a closer look. Constructors can generate curiosity and a positive image and carry desirable messages at an early stage. mbeam would like to contribute to make German cities more attractive and future-oriented.

In cooperation with: Lightconcept GmbH, advertising systems

Thanks to Cordula and Peter Linner.

ProjectLight art, unexploited urban area temporary activated (idea, concept and implementing)